What to Eat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

One of the most frequent questions asked by those patients who have had gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana is about food. Because they may not know if a special diet is necessary or they may continue to eat the foods they consumed before the operation. To solve this question, here are some recommendations to follow after a gastric sleeve operation.

After a person has had a surgical weight-loss procedure, they do need to be on a spicy diet for the first few months. Mainly during the first month of recovery, where the patient will not be able to consume specific foods.

In the first month, the person must follow a liquid diet that eliminates drinks that can cause stomach irritation. After that first month, the patient will be able to change the consistency of the food so that he or she can ingest semi-liquid foods, then purify and finally to a solid diet.

It is essential to make it clear that the patient will no longer be able to eat certain foods that he or she previously consumed without any problem. Because the operation is focused on weight loss, the results are intended to be long-lasting. Therefore, after this surgical procedure, the patient must eat a healthy diet that is not based on low nutrient consumption and finally follow the following recommendations:

Do not eat large portions of food before the three meals

Although the primary purpose of this surgery is that the stomach no longer has as much storage capacity, the fact that the patient resorts to amounts of food during the day may cause more calories to be consumed than usual. This will again cause the possibility of weight gain, which cannot be allowed after a gastric sleeve procedure.

Avoiding sweet meals

If you are one of those people who are fascinated by candy or very sweet foods, you need to forget about them because having large amounts of sugar can cause the person to have diseases related to a high concentration of glucose. It is also not recommended that there is an intake of refined flours, so better must leave aside the consumption of these products.

No more soda

Since these drinks have high amounts of gas, they can cause the person to swell the abdominal area, which can progressively cause the size of the stomach to change and expand. This is not convenient since the purpose of the operation was to reduce the size and capacity of the stomach. Also, this type of drink has a high percentage of sugar, so if you want to avoid the appearance of diabetes, it is essential to stop consuming it.

Performing the number of meals

It is usually recommended that patients who have undergone gastric sleeve treatment have a five-stroke feeding because this way, there will be a proper caloric distribution. Usually, the central dishes are breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the other two will be small snacks such as granola, almonds, among other things.

If there are doubts about what to eat, the patient must go to a nutritionist to find out how to distribute the calories and how much should be consumed.