The Use Of Inhalers

Asthma is not only a disease that causes problems in people’s breathing, but it also makes them more susceptible to damage to the oral cavity. Those who suffer from this disease have more severe damage to the teeth, mainly in the areas of the gums and teeth. It is important to try to avoid conditions such as dry mouth, oral pain, or damage to teeth such as cavities or periodontal problems, the use of the inhaler medicated by the doctor is used correctly. On the other hand, if there is dental damage, you can resort to a biological dentistry Tijuana.

Inhalers are drugs that are only indicated for people who are diagnosed with asthma, allergy, or chronic lung disease. This medicine, when inhaled, the medication goes directly to the walls of the bronchi and thus allows the air to enter the lungs. The fact that it acts directly does not mean that the use of inhalers does not cause other problems in other parts of the body.

These inhalers, also known as bronchodilators, are composed of certain specific elements that can cause coughing, dry mouth, dizziness, headaches, and palpitations. These are temporary side effects that go away quickly, although prolonged use of this medication may cause these effects to last longer.

Please take note that

  • Having airway problems means the person has asthma. Many pathologies can hinder or obstruct the airways, so there must be no self-medication.
  • They are not the ideal medication for any congestion. These inhalers are exclusively medicated for those who suffer from problems such as asthma, specific allergies, and lung diseases.
  • If the person suffers from an allergy in which the use of inhalers is not medicated, he can resort to natural remedies that open the respiratory tract, such as infusions of ginger, liquorice, or garlic. These ingredients also soothe dental pains that may occur due to allergies.
  • Some foods and beverages may be restricted to those with respiratory illnesses or problems.

How should an inhaler be used?

If this type of instrument is not used correctly, it will not have any positive effect, so the wrong use causes it to end more quickly, and side effects may appear that harm the health of the person. One of the most common mistakes when using these inhalers is that the patient squeezes and then sucks, this only causes the medication to get stuck in the throat and not have a chance to pass into the lungs.

First, shake the cartridge. While doing this, the person must empty the air from the lungs. It is then placed in the mouth, sucked air, and the inhaler is pressed. While doing this, the person should continue to breathe in and hold for ten seconds. The air should be exhaled slowly while the inhaler is blocked. After this, the individual must rinse his or her mouth.

Although there are different types of inhalers, they all serve the same purpose, but people need to know how to use them to take advantage of the medication and for them to last longer. It is also necessary to change the inhaler frequently.