Stomach Ulcers

When a person undergoes surgery on the stomach, it is important that, if the patient suffers from any problem in this area, this condition is treated first because if this is not done can affect the surgery and health conditions of people. One of the most common diseases in the population, concerning stomach incidents, is the appearance of ulcers. To know if stomach ulcers are present, the most frequent symptoms are:

Digestive problems- This mainly refers to a swelling of the area after food intake, heaviness, constipation, or diarrhea, which may be accompanied by conditions such as headache or changes in the color of the tongue.

Discomfort- Its frequent that individuals are predetermined to stomach discomfort, this due to the ulcer. The pain may be in the form of cramps or oppression, which are usually calmed at the time of feeding and may reappear after hours of ingestion, mainly when there is an increase in acidity in the stomach.

Bleeding- This problem occurs when there are advances in the ulcer. It causes the person to vomit blood. At this point, it’s crucial for the person to see a doctor.

Burning sensation- This symptom is mainly associated with the production of heartburn, which generates a burning sensation in the stomach. This discomfort is produced primarily in the stomach and tends to rise towards the neck.

Although people may have these symptoms, few people go to the doctor to treat it or simply don’t give importance to the discomfort, which can lead to different types of ulcers.

  • Gastric: It can be said that it is the mildest ulcer and the one that causes fewer symptoms, so the doctor’s care is left in the background. One of the main factors that cause ulcers is due to the weakening of the stomach walls, produced by digestive juices.
  • Duodenal: It’s called like that because of the part that follows the stomach, belonging to the intestine. The appearance of ulcers in this part of the organism is due to the excess of gastric juices, that is to say to the increase of acidity that reduces the defenses of the intestinal wall. It can be said that the emergence of these is the most serious and generates more degeneration in the organs.

To solve and prevent this ailment, it is usual to resort to the use of medications to eliminate or reduce the symptoms generated by this pathology, the use of antibiotic drugs, mucus formers, omeprazole, or in most cases, surgery. It is also essential to determine an adequate diet since patients cannot eat certain foods.

For example, if the individual has an ulcer, it is advisable to avoid products that are fried, high in sugars, sodas, fats, sausages, or those vegetables that can cause flatulence. This is because the stomach has a weakening in terms of acid protection. On the other hand, it is advisable to eat foods based on cereals, boiled vegetables, fruits, foods rich in vitamin A to promote healing, milk and dairy products for stomach protection, among others.

It has been observed that, if the person suffers from an ulcer and this one progresses significantly, it can cause not only damages in treatments focused on losing weight, but also in problems in aesthetic procedures of the abdominal zone since the acidity can corrupt other structures, to the degree of provoking burns and expulsion of intestinal juices. Therefore, plastic surgery in Tijuana will not have made much sense because the patient will have to undergo another surgery, because of this, diseases must be treated first to perform surgery later.