Recovery Times and Aftercare for Liposuction

Most patients who are thinking of getting liposuction Tijuana often wonder about the necessary aftercare and recovery times associated with the procedure. The liposuction procedures’ aftercare and recovery time will depend on the specific form of procedure you want to get. 

To give you a good idea, here is a quick overview of the things you could expect when getting liposuction. 

Liposuction Tijuana and General Recovery Time 

There are a lot of denominators that can affect the recovery times of liposuction. These can include the specific type of treatment you choose, the type of anesthetic used in the procedure, and the targeted area’s size.

The kind of anesthetic can affect the recovery time after the procedure. Although most procedures of liposuction are performed under the use of local anesthetic, some cases require the use of general anesthetic. It is especially relevant for liposuction procedures including the simultaneous treatment of several areas. 


Liposuction Tijuana and the Recovery Process Involved 

Patients who undergo liposuction procedure performed with the use of general anesthetic may feel sick now and then because of the anesthetic. There is no need to stay at the hospital or clinic overnight, but patients are advised to have a friend or a relative close by during the initial 24 hours following the liposuction Tijuana

Liposuction treatment under general and local anesthetic are out-patient cases once the procedure is done and the patient need not stay overnight. Although the patient is awake, one should refrain from driving on the day after undergoing the procedure. 

During this period of recovery, it is advised that patients wear the special compression garment for some time following the procedure. Make sure you wear this compression garment as you were told to do so because this can help reduce swelling. This compression garment allows your body in conforming to the new shape. 


Will You Experience Pain after Liposuction Tijuana?

Some minor cases of bruising, minor swelling and numbness are some of the most common side effects associated with liposuction Tijuana. The amounts of bruising will depend on the treated area’s size. For instance, abdominal liposuction often accompanies a few bruises as compared to chin liposuction. 

A patient who experiences some pain and discomfort from the swelling or bruising can often take a few painkillers even without prescriptions. There are some rare instances where this pain could be a little more than the average, and appropriate pain medication will be recommended. The pain can differ from one patient to another. Some patients also need prescribed medication and others can deal with their pain symptoms through the help of over the counter medicines. 


How Long Does It Take Before You Can Return to Your Usual Activities?

Again, the time required to recover from liposuction Tijuana largely depends on the area and size treated. But, your surgeon will give you a more definite indication of the expected recovery period before the procedure. 

A patient with a tiny area treated can return to work quickly while someone who had a bigger area treated might need additional time before resuming their usual day to day activities.