Pistachios To Reduce Glucose Levels?

It is well known the ravages that can be caused by consuming foods high in sugar, since not only the consumption of this type of meal has ravages in serious problems such as diabetes, but also in causing different diseases that endanger people’s lives. As they are problems in the teeth where later the person will need to go to a dentist in Tijuana. In recent decades, different studies have been carried out to determine which foods can be consumed to help level the percentage of glucose found in the blood. One of these studies concluded that the consumption of pistachios could help regulate the sugar found in the body.

How do pistachios help us?

Apart from their significant contribution to lowering glucose percentages, they can also help us in various diseases.

  • Pistachio contains proportionately balanced nutrients. They contain 20% vegetable proteins, 28% carbohydrates, 10% fiber, and a little less than 50% healthy fats, so their balance in all these nutrients helps to keep the heart in perfect condition.
  • They are high in antioxidants – this helps the cells not to die prematurely and that there is no production of free radicals.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory elements
  • It is rich in fiber, which helps to have proper digestion.
  • They have a low Glycemic Index.
  • It is a nut rich in iron, ideal for controlling blood pressure.

By itself, it doesn’t have such a significant effect on lowering blood sugar levels, but if this nut is added to a carbohydrate-rich diet, it helps keep glucose in the body from rising. It is common to be able to observe women who are within the gestational stage that present abnormalities in glucose; this abnormality is known as Gestational Diabetes.

When a woman has this type of diabetes, it is essential to have sugar management, because the body during this stage is not able to level the glucose percentages due to hormonal changes. That is why it is necessary that in the woman’s diet is implemented the intake of pistachios.

This was determined by the study carried out by Dr. Sheng Ge, where she carried out her sample in women with this type of diabetes. To have a better view of the changes that were occurring, she divided the number of women in half. This, with the purpose of a part, consumes 42 grams and the other half 100 grams of whole wheat bread. The two contain or are similar in the number of calories.

After the intake of each of these products, sugar levels were analyzed every 300 minutes, as well as the hormone that helps in the production of insulin. After implementing this for seven days, significant changes emerged. The results determined that those women who had consumed the pistachios had significantly lowered blood sugar levels. It was observed that women who consumed bread tended to increase their sugar levels, whereas pistachio helped maintain the sugar level and, in some instances, reduced it.

As for the insulin hormone, significant changes could be observed since it could be noted that insulin in the blood did not increase for approximately two hours. It is crucial to control blood sugar during pregnancy because it damages not only the mother but also the baby because, in the future, it is more likely to develop some diabetes.