Nipple And Areola Reconstruction

This type of operation, belonging to the area of reconstructive surgery is based on reconstructing the area of the nipple and areola. This intervention can be performed on men and women who have suffered an accident or may have a slope in this area. Sometimes this surgery can be part of a mommy makeover in Tijuana. To perform the surgery, the patient’s skin or other tissue from a donor may be used. This graft must belong to a part of the skin that is in optimal condition to be attached to the damaged part, likewise, must meet the necessary specifications

For this type of operation, the area that can be taken may belong to the nipple opposite to the one being worked on, to the thigh or labia. In many cases, when the skin is not in the necessary conditions, it is chosen to replace it with human or animal cells. Of course, in any case, it is necessary for the surgeon and the medical team to do so in a hygienic manner to avoid infection of the tissue or of the area in which the work is to be done.

Preparation of plastic surgery Tijuana

Just like surgeons in Tijuana, specialists should always have a meeting with the patient who wishes to undergo surgery. This is to analyze the severity of the case and to know if the person is a candidate for this procedure. Once this is determined, the surgeon may make specific recommendations regarding the type of food and antibiotics to be taken before the operation. In many cases, the surgeon will administer antibiotics intravenously to avoid infections during the procedure.

During the procedure

Depending on the specialist, the patient will be given general anesthesia or local anesthesia, so that the person does not feel discomfort in the process of surgery. If local anesthesia is chosen, the patient will be able to handle the movements, but not pain.

The surgeon in charge of the operation will make a small incision in the breast. In case the tissue to be introduced is donor, the team that will be in the operating room may have already prepared it. If the tissue is extracted from the same patient, another small incision must be made to remove the piece that is going to be used and thus create the nipple and areola of the chest.

After the operation

Your surgeon will be watching your body’s reaction after surgery. Once the pain is under control and the anesthesia has lost its effect, you may be able to go home. It is usual for the nipple and areola to look larger than on the opposite side for days, but this is due to inflammation of the area. They tend to return to normal size after the sutures are removed, so it’s just a matter of waiting for a little.


As with all surgeries, there are always risks that the operation may cause problems, mainly if the tissue becomes infected or if there is any damage to that area during the procedure. If the bleeding is exaggerated or the stitches are detached, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

The person must carry out all the recommendations made by the surgeon or his team to avoid problems that could damage the surgery or their health.