How to Find the Best IMG Agency to Ensure a Solid Investment

International medical graduates from India to Taiwan seek the best US clinical experience, but attaining this can be a complex, lengthy and time-consuming process. As a result, the option to partner with a top IMG agency is a sound investment. And this article is intended to help students learn how to find the best IMG agency that will prove to be a great investment for their future. 

The IMG Agency Needs to Focus on Helping Students get LORs

Any international medical graduate seeking the US clinical experience knows that getting letters of recommendation (LORs) is a main goal in order to further their career. The best IMG agency is one that will work with students to ensure they get the right kind of LORs that will support their journey into the medical field of their choice, and also one they will likely excel in. Good IMG agencies have the expertise and know-how to help students get exactly what they seek–LORs that will take them into the field best suited to their goals. So when vetting IMG agencies, make sure they have a proven process for helping students get the best possible LORs.


Good communication is key to ensuring a solid investment with an IMG agency. First of all, communicating in general between the US and foreign countries poses a number of complications: making calls can be expensive for foreign students, and the time zone differences can prove challenging to find a convenient time for both parties. But as the customer you should come first and the communication process should be tailored around your needs. For starters, emails should not be regurgitated emails sent to thousands of other people. They should be written to you specifically, and send you information that’s important to your needs. Back to phone calls: a good IMG agency will use WhatsApp and Viber–free methods for students to call their IMG agency. Finally, the best IMG agency will be available by phone 24/7 to help makes things as painless and convenient for students as possible. 

IMG Agency Testimonials

Most IMG agency websites have some testimonials. These are usually left by anonymous people with a first name and the initial of their last name, and no information as to where they work. These are fine, but to really reassure you are working with the best IMG agency, look for one that has video testimonials from real people who are honored to leave positive feedback on the agency’s sites. These testimonials should go over fine points on how the IMG agency helped them get the US clinical experience they sought, LORs, and the customer service and attention to students needs that was provided. 

When you can find an IMG agency that goes over these points, you can rest assured that your investment with them will be a profitable one towards securing you the best possible future.