Do You Have Tooth Wear?

It is normal that with time the teeth present a wear; this is mainly due to the act of chewing, since, at the time of performing this act, contact with food can deteriorate the functioning of the teeth. This process of wear is known as occlusal wear, and the deterioration depends a lot on various factors, not just age. Feeding, the force used in the chewing process, and this imbalance that exists in the force that is applied in different foods is also a factor for this problem to occur.

Within this problem, there is also wear that is very different from the occlusal and is the so-called pathological. This problem is a more severe level of wear since it is mainly caused by the presence of bruxism, where the constant rubbing that occurs in the molars and other teeth causes the teeth to wear consistently faster. This problem can typically also be accompanied by sensitivity, further damaging the situation.

Factors that damage our teeth

Clenching your teeth a lot

Those who have the mania to grit their teeth intentionally or unintentionally tend to have a level of tooth wear. This is because the pressure generated by the jaw helps the tooth to weaken and, mainly, the teeth are affected in this act.

Eating disorders

The teeth are affected when the teeth present the loss of the dental enamel that protects the dental pieces. One of these causes is when the person suffers a nutritional problem, usually associated with bulimia. The constant contact of stomach acids in the teeth causes excess acid to burn this enamel, significantly helping the teeth to present problems in the functioning of the teeth.

Poor feeding

A diet based on gaseous or high acid products also affects tooth pieces. It is therefore recommended to avoid the consumption of carbonated drinks because it promotes not only the presence of cavities but also that the substances presented in these drinks wear away the protection of teeth. If you want to consume an acidic drink as a juice, it is better to take it with a straw so that there is less contact with the teeth.

Dental brushing

If a hard bristle brush is implemented as part of the cleaning routine, not only the tooth area but also the gums will likely be affected. The fact that this type of brush is used and apart from applying a lot of force in the movements makes the bristles make the operation of sandpaper, so rubbing with this type of brushes almost wholly eliminates the enamel. In the gums, the force of the bristles of the brush causes wounds in the tissue, causing constant bleeding.

Signs of wear

To find out if we have glaze loss, we can focus on the following symptoms.

  • One of the main symptoms that exist at the time the person has dental wear is the radical change in the color of the teeth. The base color of the teeth is changing to a more yellowish, so it is an excellent symptom to know if the thickness of tooth enamel is decreasing.
  • If the person tends to suffer bruxism, it is necessary to go to the dentist because the problem can be severe.

You must go to the dentist to solve dental wear because if there is already an advanced level of this problem, you may need a cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana.