Dental Emergencies

It is considered a dental emergency when the person suffers a problem in the oral cavity, which needs immediate attention from a Tijuana dentist. The fact that people do not pay attention to this type of problem can lead to significant issues that can end in permanent and expensive damage if not taken into account. Here are some dental emergencies where it will be necessary to go to a specialist immediately.

Inflammation in the facial area

The fact that a patient has to swell in the face means that the person is going through a severe infection. This swelling usually occurs in the cheeks and gums. If the person presents some inflammation, it is recommended that immediately go to a dentist so that the professional can determine the reason why this is happening; likewise, it is necessary to combat it so that the infection can not cause more severe damage.

Tooth broke or with openings

This type of problem is persistent in adults and children and is caused, in many cases, by an accident or sports injury where the blow originated in this area. In case the patient has had the loss of the tooth, an implant must replace it because the fact that the hole is open, can cause bacteria to be deposited in this area. If the tooth has suffered any breakage, you can go to the dentist so they can determine which is the best treatment so that aesthetically does not have a bad appearance.


The pain caused in this area of the molars tends to produce extreme discomfort in the person who, if ignored, may be present for a long time. If the person’s pain is acute and palpitations can be felt, it is necessary to go to a dentist because it may be a sign of a significant problem. It is essential that always when you feel pain in this area, go to the dentist so they can treat the patient’s pain with some medicine to treat the damage.

Bleeding from the mouth

The fact that a person suffers when brushing teeth may indicate diseases, especially those associated with gum problems, specifically gingivitis. This damage is caused by the excess of bacterial plaque found inside the oral cavity that, when not removed, will accumulate in the teeth and later in the areas where the tooth is in contact with the gum. If the person has no notion about the hygiene that should be carried, it is necessary to ask a specialist about the techniques and products that should be implemented in your dental cleaning.

Loss of crown

When an individual loses this part of the tooth, it is a sign that there is severe deterioration inside the tooth, so it is necessary to see a doctor determine the degree of damage to the tooth. If you do not go immediately to a consultation, the person may lose their tooth, causing it to have a hole in its cavity.

Objects stuck between the teeth

The fact that there is something stuck in the teeth, especially if it is food, can cause tartar because the bacteria will be deposited mainly in this area, so it is necessary to use dental floss.