Are There Any Secondary Effects From Taking Analgesics?

This type of medicine is very common in our first aid kit, and this is because analgesics can help relieve many pains. Still, it is necessary to determine if its consumption can have side effects on people’s health. Some individuals must consume more than two tablets a day to control specific diseases. Still, often, the mixture of these drugs medicated with medicines that self-medicate people do not necessarily offer welfare to people.


It is definitely the first victim of the excessive consumption of medicines. It is that the person can present gastric problems that, with certain drugs, act immediately on the walls of the stomach, this produces a weakening or sensitivity to the acids that are inside the zone. This causes vomiting, nausea, and, in the worst case, ulcers. That is why there must be total control of the drugs.


Another organ that is affected by the consumption of pills is the kidney, mainly when they are medications that relieve the pain of rheumatism or those inflammatory. The damage that is caused in this area can become nephritis, so those patients who suffer from a problem in the kidney must have more precautions when taking medications.


High doses of analgesics make it more likely that people will suffer from some alteration in the heart, mainly in those who have the habit of smoking or already suffer from heart disease or overweight.


It is another structure that can be affected due to the excessive consumption of these drugs as it can weaken the protective layer that protects the teeth and cause significant problems. Therefore, if the patient already suffers from any disease in this area, go frequently to the Tijuana dentists so that there can be greater control of side effects.

If this type of medication is combined with certain substances such as alcohol, it can increase the chances of significant damage not only to the organs mentioned but throughout the body, so it is always recommended to avoid alcohol consumption at the time of being medicated.

People need to be able to learn more about the purpose of each drug, especially those that are taken more frequently, such as acetaminophen or those with anti-inflammatory effects. Acetaminophen is intended to reduce and combat mild pain and to control body temperature. Anti-inflammatory drugs, as the name implies, focus on blocking substances that irritate the nerves that cause pain, thus helping to reduce inflammation.

To avoid this type of problem, it is recommended that not everything is left to the medicine, but that people can resort to natural remedies that have the same effectiveness as the drug. To find out what natural resources the patient can use, he can look for a specialist who knows or search for it on the Internet. It is essential that, if the use of analgesics is necessary, the doctor is notified about the illnesses that the person possesses so that the specialist can have a better notion about whether it is good to medicate this type of drug or better to choose another option.