A Phone Charging Station Improves Patient Experience at Hospitals

The hospital industry is more competitive than ever! As advancements in diagnostic technology and surgical procedures grow, administrators are always trying to find state-of-the-art technology and ways to boost the patient experience. Kwikboost is here to help! Here, we’ll explain how phone charging stations inpatient rooms, hospital lobbies and waiting rooms can improve patient experience, and can even boost a hospital’s rating.

How a Phone Charging Station Improves the Patient Experience

Hospitalization is rarely a fun experience. Yet it can be a positive one. Access to a fully charged cell phone can help alleviate patient concern and boredom.

  • Patients experiencing an emergency are naturally scared, nervous, and worried.
  • They need to reach out to family members, doctors, employers, and schools.

And like any other emergency, disasters always seem to strike when we are least prepared! 94% of patients will use a mobile device during a hospital stay, and those devices will need to be recharged. By providing phone charging stations throughout the hospital, administrators offer patients with the tools they need to connect with family, health insurance providers, and primary care physicians.

Best of all, easy access to a phone charging station makes hospital staff shifts that much smoother too.

Phone Charging Stations Can Improve Hospital Workflow

We’re not going to beat around the bush here. Hospital staff is busy, and frankly, sometimes overworked. Every time a patient requests nursing assistance to find a phone charger, that’s extra running, extra work, and additional frustration for nurses and staff. It takes time away from more critical tasks.

Trip and Fall Risks Reduced with Phone Charging Stations in Hospitals

Consider the trip and fall risks associated with extra cords and chargers sitting around. In many cases, patients are already at risk for damaging slips, trips, and falls that diminish a patient’s overall hospital experience. In the worst cases, these injuries can lead to investigations and insurance claims on the patient’s behalf.

  • And let’s not forget the safety of hospital staff. OSHA says hospitals are among the most dangerous places to work, with slips, trips and falls leading to the injuries that make your most talented staff to miss work for extended periods, or even retire early.

Know that Kwikboost has been serving the healthcare and hospital industry for a long time. We know precisely how much a phone charging station can improve the patient experience in hospitals. Want to learn more? Let’s talk! Contact us now.